BC Dairy Expo

BC Dairy Expo

Since 1968, the BC Dairy Expo has remained BC’s premier dairy education and innovation event. Presented by the BC Ministry of Agriculture and the Dairy Industry Research and Education Committee (DIREC), the BC Dairy Expo Seminar receives strong financial support from the dairy industry service sector, which contributes to the seminar’s on-going success. Significant human resource and financial support is also provided by staff from the BC Ministry of Agriculture, the BC Dairy Association (BCDA) and several corporate funding partners.

Held the day before the Dairy Expo, dairy producers are encouraged to attend the Dairy EXPO Farm Tour. Host farms feature innovative on-farm technologies, infrastructure and management practices. Farm owners, building contractors, and equipment suppliers will be on hand at each farm location to answer your questions.

2019 BC Dairy EXPO Seminar (pdf Brochure)

Thursday January 24, 2019

2019 BC Dairy EXPO Farm Tour Guide (pdf Brochure)

Wednesday January 23, 2019