December 22, 2014

January 30 - 31, 2015

Introducing the 2015 Agri-energy & Waste Management Forum

Renewable energy and waste management technologies enable you to take advantage of underutilised resources, diversify income, manage waste, and reduce costs. The 2015 Agri-energy & Waste Management Forum will enable you to increase your understanding of renewable energy and waste management technologies relevant to your farm or agricultural operation.

Also, don’t miss your chance to see BC’s newest anaerobic digester. Sign-up to book your place on the site visit bus today! The site visit will include a free bbq lunch, coffee and tea. Buses will leave from in front of TradeX (1190 Cornell St, Abbotsford). The site visit costs only $20.00!

Friday January 30th BMO ROOM

Forum chair: Matt Dickson, Managing Director (Hallbar Consulting).

Coffee and tea will be served in room

9:30am - 11:00am

Anaerobic Digestion Session 1: Seabreeze Farms
Building an anaerobic digester involves many different technologies and local contractors. Through rapid-fire presentations, learn about some of the technologies and contractors that have contributed to Seabreeze Farm’s anaerobic digester in Delta. These presentations will provide useful background information for the Seabreeze Farm site visit on January 31st.

Chair: David Melnychuk (Agricultural Consultant, Langley).

  • Claire Allen (Ch-Four Biogas, Vancouver);
  • Stuart Burnside (Dual Mechanical, Surrey);
  • Brandon Kloot (Kloot Construction, Chilliwack);
  • Kerry Doyle (KPD Consulting, Abbotsford); and
  • David Richardson (Octaform, Vancouver).

11:10am - 12:20pm

Anaerobic Digestion Session 2: Technology Updates
Anaerobic digestion technology adoption and technological advancements are ongoing. Learn about this adoption and exciting advancements in anaerobic digestion technology, both locally and internationally.

Chair: Christopher Bush (Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society, Abbotsford).

  • George Dick (Dicklands Farms, Chilliwack);
  • Eric Powell, (Regenis, Ferndale WA); and
  • Michael Hellenkamp (PlanET Biogas, Germany).

12:20pm - 1:30pm

Tickets should be pre-purchased to avoid disappointment.

1:10pm - 1:50pm

The Environmental Farm Plan
Every step in the agriculture process can affect the environment. The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) program, delivered by ARDCorp and funded by Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative, is a confidential guided process to help farmers identify on-farm environmental strengths and weaknesses. Attend this session to learn why 4,000 B.C. farmers have adopted the EFP and to find out how you can get a customized plan for your farm at no-charge.

2:00pm - 3:10pm

Nutrient and Waste Management Opportunities
With coming changes to the agricultural waste control regulations in BC, the need for appropriate nutrient and waste management technologies is increasing. Learn about some of these technologies and how they might impact agriculture in BC.

Chair: Mark Raymond (BC Ministry of Agriculture, Abbotsford).

  • Jim Peters (Pacific Dairy Centre, Abbotsford);
  • Marc Legault (Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Edmonton); and
  • Paul Cross (Greenscene Agritek, Chilliwack).

Coffee and tea will be served in the room

3:20pm - 4:20pm

Pyrolysis Opportunities and Challenges
Pyrolysis is fast emerging as a potential technology to convert woody materials into biochar, a highly porous charcoal material with a high surface area. Hear how research in BC is trying to determine the potential for using pyrolysis within BC’s agriculture sector.

Chair: Darren Frew (B.C. Bioenergy Network, Vancouver).

  • Michael Schwalb (Ministry of Agriculture, Abbotsford);
  • Mathew Dickson (Hallbar Consulting, Vancouver); and
  • Jared Taylor (Diacarbon Energy Inc, Burnaby).

Saturday January 31st DIRECT SOLUTIONS ROOM

Coffee and tea will be served in room

9:30am - 11:30am

Annual Legal and Regulatory Review (Hosted by MillerThomson LLP)
Regulations play a large part of any renewable energy or waste management project. Gain insight into relevant B.C. renewable energy or waste management policies, and learn specifics about B.C.’s Agricultural Waste Control Regulation, air quality and odour management programs.

Noon - 4:30pm

Seabreeze Farm Anaerobic Digester Site Visit (sponsored by Ch-Four Biogas)
Don’t miss your chance to see BC’s newest anaerobic digester. Seabreeze Farm’s anaerobic digester will convert 24,000 tonnes of manure and off-farm organics each year into over 2 million cubic meters of pipeline quality natural gas. Come and see this technology firsthand to learn how it can be used to positively impact farming in BC.

The Seabreeze Farm site visit will include a free BBQ lunch, coffee and tea. All visitors must arrive by bus as no parking will be available on-site. Buses will leave from in front of the TradeX building at noon on Saturday January 31st, returning to the same location at 4:30pm. Sign-up for the site visit costs only $20!

Special Thanks to the 2015 Forum Sponsors


Special Thanks to all 2015 Forum Sponsors BCNB AGRI Ch-Four Biogas Regenis KPD Consulting Octaform Environmental Farm Plan Pacific Diary Centre MillerThomson Dual Mechanical Suma Bank of Montreal PlanET Neal's Electric Cullen Diesel Power Ltd.